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Tech, Emergency Department

Tech, Emergency Department

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Emergency Services
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Full Time 72

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The Emergency Department (ED) Technician provides direct patient care under the supervision of the RN. Duties and responsibilities are performed in a manner adhering to all hospital and departmental policies and procedures. The ED Technician participates with all members of the ED team to facilitate patient flow through the ED.


1.Provides and documents care consistent with hospital, depart. and unit policies/procedures/protocols.
2. Places patient in room as requested by RN
3. Gathers information - Vital signs Temp., pulse, resp, BP
4. Attaches patient to cardiac monitor.
5. Performs 12 lead EKG
6. Places patient on Oxygen as ordered by MD, and supervised by RN
7. Performs veni-puncture for blood draws and establishes saline lock under direct supervision of RN
8. Obtain IS or Peak Flow as requested by RN/MD
9. Performs Accu Checks as ordered
10. Assists with chest compressions and manually ventilations as requested by RN/MD
11. Assists with wound management as per cleansing, suture set up and dressing wounds as requested by RN/MD
12. Assists with the care of an Orthopedic patient as requested by RN/MD (Ace wraps, Ice, slings, etc.).
13 Assist with EENT procedures as requested.
14.Assist with Gastric Lavage as requested
15. Obtains CCMS, Stool, Wound, Nasal and Throat cultures as requested
16. Performs I&O Catheter as requested by RN/MD
17. Assists ED staff in keeping patients and family members informed.
18. Discontinues peripheral IV’s as ordered
19. Transports/Assist with transport of patients as requested by RN
20. Assist with ambulation and dismissal of patients
21. Assist with RHC care as requested
22. Communicates pertinent patient information to the RN clearly, accurately, concisely and in a timely manner.
1. Immediately acknowledges patients/visitors presenting to the Emergency Department .
2. Follows guidelines and notifies nurse immediately as established in Triage policy.
3. Maintains visibility and availability at all times in the Emergency Department entrance
4. Checks ED entrance and waiting area on a regular basis for cleanliness and safety issues.
5. Maintains appropriate patient transfer equipment
1. Stocks supplies, cleans equipment & transports to/from CSR as needed, transports specimens via pneumatic tube system, orders supplies as needed.
2. Relieves/Assist ED registration clerk as needed
1. Attends educational activities to improve knowledge/skill.
2. Contributes to implementing and supporting progressive change,
3. Attends 80 of unit/departmental meetings and inservice
4. Demonstrates acceptable attendance and punctuality.
1. Participate in identifying or recommending areas for improvement.
2. Participates in quality improvement activities to improve patient care
1. Completes assigned responsibilities in an efficient, timely manner.
2. Recognizes impact of actions on other departments and interacts in a manner conducive to teamwork and cost containment.
1. Practice is consistent with safety principles, OSHA Guidelines and infection control guidelines.
2. Provides for protection and support while moving, transferring or ambulating patients.
3. Observes equipment for malfunction and takes appropriate action.
1. Delivers patient care in a compassionate, non-judgmental manner respecting the patient’s rights and maintaining patient first principles.
2. Honors individuals' right to privacy, dignity, respect and confidentiality at all times.
3. Confronts individuals/situations assertively and non-aggressively when necessary to ensure the rights of patients, self and others are respected.
4. Readily offers assistance to families, visitors, patients/resident and colleagues.
5. Conducts interactions with patients, visitors, physicians, volunteers, other associates and the public in a manner consistent with the intent of the hospital’s mission, vision and values.


EMT or Paramedic Training Preferred
Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Patient First Characteristics Professional Behavior Positive Attitude / Demeanor Respect Teamwork Accountability Communication Dedication to Excellence