Hancock Regional Hospital

  • Security Officer

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    Casual S
  • Overview

    To provide a safe and secure environment for all associates, volunteers, physicians and visitors by patrolling the hospital building and grounds. May be summoned to assist when the safety of staff, patients, and visitors is questioned.


    • May be required to walk and/or stand for extended periods of time in various weather conditions and in various indoor and outdoor areas.
    o The areas of the campus include, but are not limited to, public and non-public areas, the main building, out-lying buildings, all grounds, parking areas and other areas including stairways, tunnels, mechanical areas, etc.
    • Conducts preliminary investigations of complaints and incidents, and follows up on investigations per the instruction of the Manager or Director.
    • Answers all disturbance and criminal offense calls, as directed. Is observant for unregistered, improperly parked, or unauthorized vehicles in restricted areas, and takes appropriate action.
    • Enforces parking guidelines, is observant for traffic problems, and maintains an orderly flow of traffic on the facilities.
    • Reports eminent safety and fire hazards immediately and takes necessary corrective action as required. Participates during all drills per department procedures. Investigates all incidents involving lost property, missing property, stolen property of all kinds, vandalism, all disturbances, standbys, restraints, missing patients, prank or obscene telephone calls, suspicious persons, fire alarms, power failures, property damage, automobile accidents, and any other incidents assigned by the manager; prepares reports on completion of investigation.
    • Checks all doors on all levels of facility that should be secure at all times, including those doors and service doors that normally are closed at a specified time daily.
    • Secures all public entrance doors at the prescribed hour. Unlocks all public entrance doors at the prescribed hour.
    • Inspects all elevators and interior fire escape stairwells to ensure that there are no obstructions and that they are well lighted and identified, and reports any discrepancies to Plant Operations on each shift.
    • Checks constantly the outer portion of the building for any safety hazards that may exist, and reports same to the manager for appropriate action.
    • Accompanies cash and mail movements when requested to and from the Business Office, Cafeteria, and Gift Shop, as requested. Makes frequent inspections of the Business Office, Cafeteria, and Gift Shop, as requested.
    • Logs all lost and found articles in the log, and ensures proper entry is complete and filed at the time articles are turned in to Security.
    o Makes every effort to contact owners of said property.
    o Places all other articles of value in the office of the Security Manager immediately after proper documentation.
    • Remains highly visible during continuous patrol, and maintains continuous radio contact with the switchboard operator. Is observant for unauthorized activities, challenges suspicious persons at the facility, and challenges entry to unauthorized areas.
    • Observes all motor vehicle laws while operating vehicles.
    • Reports any and all unusual activities or conditions in the areas of suspected criminal activity, and reports safety or fire hazards.
    • Monitors facility using electronic security equipment (closed-circuit television, alarms, and so forth) in an efficient manner, and checks all alarm systems routinely for proper operation.
    • Completes daily security rounds log, and accurately reports to Director/Manager/Supervisor.
    • Observes, investigates, and documents all incidents by end of each shift.
    • Observes the movements of all persons in the hospital parking lots or on grounds.
    • Patrols all hospital parking lots on each shift in a manner that will allow detection of any irregularities.
    • Patrols all buildings on assigned shift to make certain that no one is in or loitering in unauthorized areas.
    • Patrols are conducted at least twice per shift. Gives courteous response to any inquiries made by patients, visitors, or associates, and escorts individuals in a timely manner to ensure their safety.


    Required high school diploma or equivalent. Prior experience in security or law enforcement preferred. Clear criminal history check from Indiana State Police Central Repository. CPR/First Aid training required.

    Must possess an unlimited firearms permit and be able to qualify on a standard firearms proficiency course with a department issued or approved handgun. May be exposed to hazards from use of electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment, power equipment, toxic chemicals and gases, etc. Perform tasks that involve exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues. Ability to handle emergency and/or stressful situations.
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